Additional Source of Funding

Providing an alternative source of capital to established physical commodity traders, suppliers and distributors throughout Europe and North America

SynCap-advised programmes seeks to partner with and provide liquidity to companies active in physical commodities exportation, importation, processing, trading and distribution.

Our Clients

SynCap works with established small and medium-size physical commodity trading firms that require trade finance to facilitate their transactions. The need for alternative sources of funding has grown especially as a result of traditional trade finance banks closing large quantities of credit lines to physical commodity trading firms due to regulatory changes in the banking sector and the treatment of commodity-related lending activities by regulators. SynCap’s financing involves taking a security of the commodity being traded as collateral. We operate unilaterally and independently, and act as complementary to existing banking and funding relationships. SynCap provides liquidity for small and large transactions which makes us a perfect trade financing partner.

Why clients choose SynCap

  • Expertise – Our firm has been formed by senior ex-bankers, asset managers and commodities sector professionals that have worked in Switzerland, Netherlands, the United Kingdom and UAE based trade and commodity finance banks as well as physical commodity trading firms and collectively bring over 100 years of combined commodity trade finance experience.
  • Flexibility – At SynCap we speak our clients’ language and are flexible in terms of funding structures and the borrowers we serve.
  • Speed – We are a boutique commodity trade finance fund and can act quickly and provide decisions to borrowers within a short timeframe.
  • Size – We can provide financing up-to USD35 million per facility and/or transaction.
  • Trade Finance Specialist – The Origination team have been financing commodity traders, producers and processors throughout their careers and have profound know-how on modus operandi of trade and commodity finance.
  • Pricing – We provide fair pricing which allows the borrowers to expand their activities.

Our Reach

Which geographies we focus on:

We have extensive on-the-ground experience in various markets. Our management team have worked and lived in over ten countries which are target regions for SynCap’s investment vehicles.

We focus primarily on Europe, North America, the Black Sea Basin and the Mediterranean Basin. Other regions are also considered if sufficient collateral requirements are met. The suppliers can be based globally, whereas our primary clientele is predominantly from the above-listed regions.

Financing Structures

For all your trade and commodity finance needs, we have a relevant solution. Our primary funding types are as follows:

Import / Export Finance

Transactional Trade Finance

Receivable Finance

Inventory Finance

(at third party warehouse)

Supply Chain Finance

Commodity Coverage

Which sectors we serve:




We engage in providing credit to “real economy” transactions against commodity as collateral including but not restricted to; energy, metals and agricultural commodities. SynCap is commodity agnostic and operates within its extensive risk management framework where collateral over the financed goods is placed at the centre of the financing. We work with commodity traders, distributors, and producers.