How We Do It

SynCap employs various investment strategies to gain exposure to the right types of transactions with pre-approved counterparties in order to meet the requirements of the investment vehicle/client which the firm is investing on behalf of.

At present, the Firm focuses predominantly on the following investment strategy:


  • Self-liquidating transaction structures with security/title/control over one or more of commodities, contract rights, payment flows, collection accounts and other transaction assets.
  • Loans with a short tenor, over-collateralised by physical commodity stocks which can be liquidated within a short timeframe, if required.
  • Investment-grade receivables or where payment risk is supported by bank instruments/credit insurance from institutions with a minimum credit rating of BBB- (S&P).
  • Minimized exposure to market, price or foreign exchange risk.
  • Diversified across physical commodity product markets including agricultural, metals and energy.